Friday, November 30, 2012

Kim Kardashian wore a figure hugging cut out dress in Kuwait

Kim Kardashian wore a figure hugging cut out dress in Kuwait

From what I know of Kuwait (which is honestly not that much), it’s one of the more “modern” countries in the Middle East. Which means a lot when you’re talking about women’s issues, specifically when seen through the prism of Islam. Still, if I was visiting Kuwait, I would still make the effort to dress and act conservatively. I’m not saying I would wear a hijab, I’m just saying… I would cover my cleavage and try to show some modesty out of respect. When in Rome, and all that. Or “when in Kuwait City” as it is.

So here are some photos of Kim opening a Millions of Milkshakes shop at a huge mall in Kuwait City yesterday. True, this outfit is “modest”… for Kim’s usual trashy, showy style. But I’m still kind of uncomfortable with all of the skin she’s showing. Maybe that’s wrong on my part… maybe what she’s doing here is incredibly feminist, only in a fame whore-y way that is hard to recognize. Kuwaiti religious figures are pissed off because… you know. She’s a twice-divorced, scantily-clad woman famous for a sex tape. Kuwaiti cultural activists are pissed off too because Kuwait regularly bans artists, musicians and actors from entering the country and Kim’s entrance is being called an “unacceptable hypocrisy.”

Something nice: Kim was mobbed by fans at the shop opening, and I genuinely think it’s nice that she made the effort to personally go to Kuwait to open a milkshake shop. You know? Real celebrities (meaning, movie stars) wouldn’t do that. Kim posed for lots of photos, she signed autographs and made milkshakes. She has fans there, and she treated them with respect.

Next stop for Kim… Bahrain. And the Bahrainis are PISSED. Bahrain’s Parliament tried to pass a resolution banning Kim from stepping foot on Bahrain’s soil, but the resolution didn’t pass. I wonder why it didn’t pass? Could it be that many of the politicians actually watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

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