Thursday, March 31, 2011

FECO organize solidarity exhibition: Cartooning for Japan

Cartooning for Japan
FECO wants to get involved in a new -and urgent- solidarity action. The action is about Japan, and anyway everyone knows the question.
We want to organize an exhibition including artworks by FECO members or not FECO members. The works will be offered for purchase and the total income will be given to an institution responsible to help victims of the japanese disaster even if it is in a modest fashion.
Zoran Petrovic, in charge of the layout of the FECO Bulletin, suggested this idea, then you can send your works at his post address:
Zoran Petrovic
Karlstrasse 65,
76137 Karlsruhe

We ask everyone who wants to help us for one or several cartoons, preferently originals; you can send also digital cartoons, but the print out must be signed by the artist. The theme is free, but please, write your name and your address, and your e-mail address on the back of the cartoon. The exhibition will be held about the middle of April at the gallery EigenArt in Karlsruhe, Germany, where the showroom will be kindly reserved for us, free of charge.
With the help of the press, we could attract the population of the area and if possible it could be spread out more (national and international).
The works (originals or signed print out) must be sent by (NEW DEADLINE: ) May 20th 2011.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

18th International Festival CartoonRendon 2011, Colombia

The Conditions:
1) The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world.
2) The deadline for entries is June 7, 2011.
3) The themes of the competition are Three:
Theme 1. VISUAL ARTS (The visual arts are forms of art expressions found preeminently focused on job creation that are visual by nature as being) Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Installations, Performance, Video and Design.
Theme 2. CHARACTER (Caricature): Artists FERNANDO BOTERO A.ELADIO VELEZ (see biographies at
And Theme 3. FREE.
4) Each participant can present in the competition a maximum of TWO cartoons for theme.
5) You can participate with cartoons in white and black or in color.
6) The cartoons will have a maximum size of 30 x 40 cms.
7) You can also participate in the competition with cartoons that have already been published or rewarded previously. All the presented cartoons will be original. Photographs, photocopies etc, will not be accepted, and the transport of the cartoons in charge of the participant.
8) Participants are requested to send, together with their cartoons, a short curriculum vitae and a photograph.
9) On the back of each cartoon must be the name, address, phone number and country of origin of the participant.
10) The Cartoonists selected will receive a catalog.
11) The jury is composed of Colombian and foreign cartoonists.
12) The results will be announced in the month of July 2011.
13) The cartoons presented in the competition won't be returned.
14) Filling out the application form and submit it implies that the contestants accept and authorize Cartoonrendon the publication of caricatures or cartoons in print, display and audio playback devices and/or video with all the rights, including the transfer of these rights to others without limitation of time, place and number of times of publication, apart from this Cartoonrendon have the right to display, archive, publish on the internet or other possible means of publications not mentioned here, these cartoons without any limitation whatsoever. With the actual delivery of the request for participation is considered Cartoonrendon delegates these rights.
15) The organizers reserve the right to display works that understands they can threaten individual or collective rights.
16) Participation in the competition implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.
1) Grand Prize Theme VISUAL ARTS 2000 USD
2) Character Theme "Fernando Botero" Prize 500 USD
3) Character Theme "Eladio Velez" Prize 500 USD
4) Free Theme Prize 500 USD
5) Special Prizes offered by various institutions.
ADDRESS: The work should be sent to: 18° FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CARICATURA Fernando Pica, Palacio de la Cultura / Cr 50 # 48 - 05, Rionegro Antioquia COLOMBIA
Download Entry Form:
Source: trianacartoon

Saturday, March 26, 2011

26th Tolentino International Biennial of Art Humour 2011, Italy

Contest: open to artists from all over the world
Entries: max. 3 works. The works (in any form of visual art) must be original, unpublished and accompanied by the author's photo or caricature, entry-form and biography, sales range.
Size: free
Technique: free
Deadline: May 31, 2011
1st Prize Biennial winner - Intl Prize "City of Tolentino" + 5.000 €uro and one-man exhibit in Biennial 2013
2nd Prize - 3.000 €uro
3rd Prize - 1.500 €uro
"Cesare Marcorelli" Career Prize; "Luigi Mari" Academy of Humour Prize; Special Prizes.
Opening and prize distribution: July 21, 2011
Exhibition: July 21 - October 2, 2011
Catalogue: each selected author will receive a copy.
Sale: the Organiser will provide and assign, for each work on sale, the price chosen by the artist. 20% of the earnings will go to the Organiser. The winning works of art will be excluded from sale and will become the property of the International Museum for Art and Caricature Humour in Tolentino.
Remark: the winning works and the selected works for exhibition will not be returned and will be included in the Museum of Art and Caricature Humour. The other works not selected will be returned at the cost of the Organiser.
The works should be sent to:
Secretary for the
Piazza della Libertà, 3, 62029 TOLENTINO (MC) ITALY
For any further information and communication:
Piazza della Libertà, 3,
62029 Tolentino (MC) - ITALY

Slobadan Obradovic cartoon exhibition in Baja, Hungary.

The winner of Baja Cartoon Contest 2010, Slobodan Obradovic has an individual exhibition in Baja.
The virtual gallery of the exhibition can be seen on the following web site:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Similarity: Fethi Develioglu - Huseyin Cakmak - Jitet Kustana

Fethi Develioğlu (TURKEY)
"Uluslararası Yarışmalarda Yarışan Karikatürler - Öyle Bir Dünya!"
cartoon catalog 1986, (Istanbul - Turkey)
Huseyin Cakmak (CYPRUS)
"Cartoonists Against Crime"
cartoon catalog, 1991 (USA)
Jitet Kustana (INDONESIA)
4th Prize,
The First "Vignettes for Human Rights"
International Contest 2011 (Spain).

(Source: ).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

4th Cartoonale ‘De Geus’ 2011 with free theme, Belgium

The cultural association ‘De Geus’, Belgium organises every two year a cartoon contest.
Every person older than 16 years may participate in this contest.
The cartoons sent in should be original and not published before. All graphic technics are allowed. Text is not allowed.
The themes treated are free.
The cartoons should be drawed on solid paper of 21 cm x 29,7 cm (Din A4).
Each participant can sent at most 5 works.
On the backside of each cartoon the name of the cartoonist must be mentioned with his address.
4. Deadline
The cartoons (without passe-partout) must be solidly packed and at latest the 1st of September 2011 sent to the following address together with the entry form:
Cartoonale ‘De Geus’ 2011, Clement Vlassenroot, Duivenkeetstraat 16, B-9280 Lebbeke BELGIUM
5. Right of publication
Participating in the contest the cartoondrawer agrees that the cartoons sent in will be used for an exposition as mentioned in the rules. The awarded cartoons remain property of the organisers.
The jury acts autonomously on awarding prizes.
There is no correspondence allowed with the jury about his decisions.
By the jury four prizes are adjudged:
1st prize: 700 Euro
2nd prize: 350 Euro
3th prize: 200 Euro
4th prize: 150 Euro
Best Belgian cartoon: 150 Euro
The results of the contest will be announced on Friday the 14th of October at 19.30 h in gallery ‘De Fontein’.
A selection of the cartoons will be exposed in art–gallery ‘De Fontein’ in Lebbeke on the 15th, 16th, 22th and 23th of October.
The entries will be sent back by the organizers on receiving a written request of the sender.
The organisator is not responsible neither for lost nor for damaged cartoons during the sending in and sending back.
10. By his or her participation the artist agrees with these rules.
Rules & Entry-form:
Info: Belgium (tel. 052/41.13.18)
(I could upload the image, edit and publish this post a day after the blockage of "google blogspot & picasa" sites in Turkey was released on March 23, 2011.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boneyard Arts Festival Events in Urbana, Central Illinois

The 9th Annual Boneyard Arts Festival
Boneyard Arts Festival Events
at Beads N Botanicals

FEATURED ARTIST: Vicki Brown of Simply Vicki
TREES OF LIFE. Born, raised and living in Urbana,
Vicki has created art for over 28 years.
This self-described mother, grandmother and crazy cat lady has developed her
 Trees of Life, each one as individual as live trees.
Her works are available for viewing April 7 thru April 9 of the festival
 during regular store hours.
“Meet the Artist” Wine & Cheese reception
 on Saturday, April 9, from 3pm-5pm

Musical Performance by Anne Clements
Guitar and Vocals, Agent of Change Project
Saturday, April 9, 12noon to 1pm

The Trikhala Bellydance Troupe,
made up of University of Illinois undergraduate and graduate students, will perform their style of tribal fusion dance-- a mixture of American tribal-style bellydance, traditional ethnic bellydance and contemporary dance styles such as hip-hop. Come watch them dance and dance with them.
Saturday, April 9, 1pm to 2pm

Rattle the Boneyard: Community Drum Circle-
Bring a drum, rattle, instrument or just clap your hands.
Beads N Botanicals is hosting a drum circle as a part of the Boneyard Arts Festival.
Saturday, April 9, 2pm to 3:00pm

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Psychic & Health Fair in Champaign Urbana, Central Illinois, Saturday, March 12

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Psychic & Health Fair:

Location: Beads N Botanicals
117 North Broadway, Urbana, IL 61801

Come and get a reading with the best readers
in the Champaign Urbana area.
Readings include, Energy Art & Stone Readings,
Psychic & Tarot Readings,Mediumship
Therapeutic Chair Massage,
Foot Massage, Reiki, Reflexology
Cost: $20 per 15-minute reading.
Longer sessions available for an additional fee.

AURA PHOTOS: $30 and up
Fair also on Saturday, June 18, 2011