Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scent of the Week: Crackling Firewood

Told a friend last weekend that I just got a "Crackling Firewood" oil in and she went gagga. For anyone who has ever attended a festival with a great Sirius Rising or Starwood, when you can't make it one year (or, in my case, several years), the scent of flaming wood can be rather nostagic.

Never mind that wood burning fireplaces can be so romantic, anyway!

The special at Beads N Botanicals this week (well....we're extending it through next Saturday November 1st because I'm just kicking it off) is....CRACKLING FIREWOOD incense sticks and Reed Diffuser Oils. Here at the shop (brick-and-mortar) it will be discounted.

We'll be featuring a new scent each week
Scent of the Week:Crackling Firewood

Special Discount

Incense Sticks

$2.50 per pack

Reed Diffuser Oil

$4.00/ounce $7.50/two ounces $11.50/four ounces

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