Friday, November 24, 2006

Meditation, Not Just for Relaxation, But Also Pain Relief

Today I was reminded of why I started offering my “Meditation for Relaxation” classes.

A customer popped in to say hello and reiterate that she appreciated the meditations we do at our Wednesday night classes. For her, they were a reminder of how to chill out without drugs or alcohol. Meditating, along with seeing a chiropractor, using certain herbs externally, and developing a better outlook on life, has allowed her to stop taking prescription pain medications.

What’s wonderful is that these changes have made a difference in how she feels about herself. She feels terrific. It’s not that she doesn’t experience pain, but she has the coping mechanisms to deal with it without resorting to overusing pain meds.

Other folks have discovered that meditation gives them a quiet space away from the stresses of work and family. While it is nice to have a guided meditation at the shop, they have remembered how it felt, and meditate on their own at home.

Customers report to me they are sleeping better at night, feeling calmer and more relaxed after our meditations on Wednesday nights.

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