Friday, November 3, 2006

Can a Simple Herbal Oil Actually Banish Pain????

In my experience, the answer is yes. About six weeks ago, I was moving a LOT of wall paper from one storage site to another. The minor backache I had turned into MAJOR sciatica.

Now, it is probably no surprise to anyone who knows me that I tend to stay away from OTC (over-the-counter) drugs, never mind any other kinds! So, for me to take ibuprofen, even three times in three weeks is a lot.

Well, I decided to use some of my Extra Strength PLUS Banish Pain Oil on my back, my left hip and my left calve, all areas in pain. I discovered that, when I used this oil, within about 15 minutes, the pain subsided.

Gradually, with stretching, being a bit careful and having the oil sooth the inflammation, I was pain-free.

Clients and customers who deal with chronic pain, such as knee problems, arthritic knuckles, carpal tunnel and other repetive stress injuries have reported noticing relief within about 10 minutes of using the oil on the affected area.

If you are interested in possibly ordering some of this oil to try for yourself, you can go to our webstore at Extra Strength Banish Pain Oil

BTW. I am making NO medical claims whatsoever for these products (regular, extra strength and extra strength PLUS) and am only relating my experience and that of local folks who have also used them.

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