Monday, June 25, 2012

Results 21st International Satire Exhibition, Trento 2012, Italy

Theme: Slowness
Minutes of jury
The jury convened the day May 30, 2012 at 15.00 at Studio d'Arte Andromeda via Malpaga, 17 has awarded the following prizes:
Prize young artist: Cristian Stenico
Selected young artist: Marianna Carazzai
Selected young artist: Bettelli Cesarino
1st Prize: Jerzy Glusek, Poland
2nd Prize: O. Sekoer, Belgium
3rd Prize: Maurizio Minoggio
Selected: Ahmet Buyukmehmetoglu, Turkey; Stanislav Ashmarin, Russia; Yuri Kosobukin, Ukraine; Musa Gumus, Turkey, George Licurici, Romania; Luc Vermeersch, Belgium; Marco De Angelis, Italy.
Special mention city of Trento: Vitold Marian, Sweeden
Special mention for the irony: Anatoly Radin, Russia.
The jury composed of: Giacinto Gaudenzi, Giuseppe Marchi, Giordano Pacenza, Ettore Paris, Giuliano Rossetti, Toti, Zap.
President: Toti
Secretary of the jury: Romano Oss.
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