Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Closing of Danville's Hobby Lobby Silver Lining for Hoopeston Businesses

I was looking around for some other info and found this article online.

Apparently our local weekly paper is posting more articles on line
nowadays, which is great.

This article is about Danville's Hobby Lobby closing and how Hoopeston
has a lot of shops that can fill the gap.

The upcoming closing of Danville's Hobby Lobby craft and home décor store has local crafters in a panic. However, local businesses in Hoopeston are stepping up to fill the gap.

Beads N Botanical's owner, Catherine Novak, says, "I've been hearing that a lot of people are very upset about Hobby Lobby's closing. Most of them haven't realized that several Hoopeston businesses carry the crafting and home décor items that they need."

"For instance, at my shop, we offer a nice selection of charms, seed beads, semi-precious stones, sterling silver beads, sterling silver wire supplies, Swarovski  crystals, jewelry, herbs, herbal products, handmade incense, more than 200 fragrance and essential oils, reed diffusers, origami and other crafting supplies. Plus, I will always special order items not in stock."

Novak adds, "Anyone looking to learn how to make jewelry can take one of our basic classes in making earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or wire wrapped pendants."

While Novak teaches many of the classes herself, an upcoming class on making dream catchers, on Saturday, March 29, will be taught by Woodland's Marlita, also known as Rainbow Buffalo.

BTW, I was the one who submitted this article, although the Chronicle staff included information on corporately held stores, not just the small businesses that I had listed. Just the Facts printed
this article, but only keeps up links for a week.

News Article

Not sure if any other newspapers put this out.

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