Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aromatherapy: help or hype?

The monthly magazine, Central Illinois Health Magazine, just published an article on aromatherapy in its February 2008 issue. The article: “Aromatherapy: help or hype?” by Kelsey C. Blackwell, takes a close look at whether or not aromatherapy can help people become healthier.

Although the article is credited to Blackwell, Greta Hale, the magazine’s editor, is the person who interviewed me in December 2007. Considering the skeptical tone of the article (which, overall, was very balanced in its presentation), I am very pleased with how I was identified and quoted (although I’ve actually been studying and teaching for more than 15 years, rather than the 12 years noted in the article.)

Normally I would just include a link to the article, but unfortunately the magazine is not web-friendly right now. The following quoted material is from p. 33

Catherine Novak also knows the value of essential oils. She owns Beads and Botanicals in Hoopeston and the online business Wise [Please note: this should be C.N.] …She believes aromatherapy is a useful and non-threatening tool to complement traditional medical treatments.

“What I see a lot coming into the shop are people who have already seen a doctor and they’re looking for more relief, she said.

Novak sells custom blends and essential oils. One blend, named banish pain oil, contains essential oils mixed in with another oil infused with St. John’s wort. Her customers have found that it works to relieve arthritis and chronic muscle pain and even helps with pain from carpel tunnel, Novak said.

The article also included information on some of the types of aromatherapy blends I offer clients and customers, including my Banish Pain and Clear Air formulas.

I found it sad that one of the scientists quoted in another section of the text said that peppermint oil was not effective for headaches or migraines. I say sad because I’ve seen where a little bit of peppermint oil mixed into a carrier oil has given relief to headache/migraine sufferers.

Still, all in all, this is a great article with a lot of information.

Central Illinois Health Magazine is published by the News-Gazette in Champaign, IL

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