Friday, December 14, 2007

Fashion Trends in Jewely: the Pearl Connection

Pictured is a pair of Amethyst, Fresh Water Pearls & MOP Earrings

I love working with healing crystals and find that making them into beautiful jewelry gives people an opportunity to not only benefit from the crystal's healing energies, but also from the beauty of the artisan-crafted piece itself.

Lately I’ve been making several necklaces and bracelets featuring freshwater pearls, as well as incorporating pearls into a variety of earrings.

I thought it was just a fluke on my part (well, I was inspired by a local jewelry store advertising a variety of pearl earrings and necklaces.) What I discovered, though, is that long, swinging pearl earrings are the number one fashion choice.

Yep, sensuous, shoulder-sweeping pearl earrings are being promoted as The Way to be glamorous and in on the latest fashion trends.

I’ve been taking my designs one step more, using MOP teeth (mother-of-pearl) mixed in necklaces and earrings. The one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are absolutely incredible. Even similar looking pear dangle earrings differ because each pearl, as a unique natural product, has its own character.

Right now I have some of the earrings up on EBAY, either in my EBAY storefront or at auction. More of them are here at the shop, and I hope to get some listed in my webstore as well.

Check out all the gemstone earrings, and wire wrapped pendants, as well.


A “Stone of spirituality and contentment.” Clears the aura. Brings stability, strength & peace. Used for meditation. Opens and activates the Crown Chakra. Protects against psychic attacks. Encourages and supports sobriety. Used to treat insomnia and clear pain from headaches and other physical problems.

Signifies faith, charity & innocence. Enhances personal integrity. Focuses one’s attention. Allows for a clean channel for receiving spiritual guidance. Brings truth to situations & loyalty to causes.

Mother of Pearl, Paua Shell,Abalone

Abalone is a Mollusk (shelled fish) in the Gastropod class. Gastropods also include snails and whelks. Abalone is prized for its meat as well as its beautiful shell. The pretty part of the shell in on the inside, where nacre (mother of pearl) of a variety of colors can be seen.The word "Abalone" comes from the Spanish word aulone, which is the name of the animal. The shell is also called Paua Shell.

Crystal healers use Abalone for a large variety of purposes. It is thought to be helpful in disorders involving joints, bones, and muscles.It protects against uncooperative attitudes, stimulates creativity, and promotes calm. Not surprisingly, it also helps in calcium deficiencies.
Since Mollusks often have to leave their shells to find larger ones when they grow, all shells are considered to bring boundless growth in life and thought.
The Abalone that you often see in jewelry is a brilliant blue or purple.
It is sometimes known as a "Sea Opal" due to the changing opalescent hues.

Patience. Perserverance. Perception. Silver has long been thought to destroy evil--hence the legends surrounding silver bullets killing werewolves and vampires.

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